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Nurture And Educate

This weekend is full of fun family friendly activities! One includes author Gavin Hill at the Barnes & Noble store in Saint Cloud with his book titles for all ages! A Lesson in the Jungle will be featured at the 11 a.m. storytime followed by a Jungle Scavenger hunt! Following storytime Gavin will be in…
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A Lesson In The Jungle

Can it really be April already? Surely it was Christmas only yesterday. Does anybody know how to slow time down? It isn’t that I am not looking forward to coming to America in just two months, but that life seems to pass too quickly sometimes. 2016 has started well for me. Sadly, it hasn’t been…
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Gavin And Rosie Versus Henry And Harvey

In 1998, Gavin shared his children’s theater manuscript and lyrics with me called, A Lesson in the Jungle. It is a heart-warming story of how two hunters, Henry and Harvey, go to Africa to hunt animals. They don’t hurt the animals; they just want to catch them and sell them to a large zoo back…
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The Greatest Love Affair Of All (Part 5)

Continuation from The Greatest Love Affair of All part 4 As luck would have it, I did know somebody who might be able to help. I called him without delay. His name was Martin Lignell. He was studying to become both an English and music teacher. We met up over a pot of my super…
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The Greatest Love Affair Of All (Part 4)

Continuation of The Greatest Love Affair of All part 3 On May 1st, 1996, my son was born. Three months before his birth, I decided to write a journal. I began it with, Dear? I had no idea if I was to have a son or a daughter, but I did know, I wanted my…
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