A Salty / Sweet Match Made In Rosie’s Kitchen!

I received a message from Gavin in Sweden in morning, expressing he was missing the taste of cookies we had made when he was visiting me in Minnesota.   I decided to share this scrumptious recipe with you. The great thing about this cookie recipe is that it very simple to master.  You can make…
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A Time To Be Thankful

Take time to pause and give thanks, reflecting on the many blessings that encompass your daily life.     HAPPY THANKSGIVING FROM SWEET CONCLUSIONS, Rosie & Gavin

Pumpkin Kisses, And Harvest Wishes

Minnesota has been experiencing the chill of early autumn mornings.  I decided to make my mother’s recipe for pumpkin pie squares.  The pumpkin spice smells of fall are just one of the reasons it’s such a favorite time of the year.  I share with you her recipe. Pumpkin Pie Squares Preheat oven to 350 degrees…
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Elegance In Central Minnesota

I was graced when not one but twenty-five painted-lady butterflies fluttered all around me.  I was transformed into a paradise setting, as I continued meandering through my garden.   I noticed several butterflies drinking nectar from the zinnia and sedum blossoms. It was refreshing to be outside on a gorgeous weather day watching nature.  A bumblebee…
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Butterfly Wings

I had been anticipating attending a special wedding for over a year.  After surgery, I faithfully worked on physical therapy exercises to be able to achieve this goal. My son and I entered the venue and I was mesmerized by the gracious innocence of a 2-year-old flower girl kneeling.  She was wearing butterfly wings over…
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