The Glory Of A Winter Day

Every season beholds such beauty. We only have to stop long enough to take it all in! Today my view is the glory of a winter day. The north wind is blowing and the temperatures are below freezing. As I try to gaze out the window of my three season, unheated veranda, I view intricate…
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A New Start

Have you ever been in a situation where you were unable to do something for yourself and someone came into your life and helped you?  It is the best feeling in the world, isn’t it?  When you are at your lowest point in life, to have someone give you their hand in time of need…
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The Power Of His Love

Is it through the countless tears of healing a broken heart, illness or any of life’s sorrows that we truly feel the one that is carrying us?  Do we appreciate the little things in life more after sorrow?  I feel so alone especially during the middle of a sleepless night with no one to hold…
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Simple Clever Ideas – Tis The Season

Have you ever heard the saying simple is better?  Click on 10 clever ideas for some ideas to simplify the season!  10 CLEVER IDEAS Merry Christmas from Sweet Conclusions, Gavin and Rosie  

Shining Brightly

There is something about the month of December, the arrival of Christmas that makes me long for my loved ones to be by my side. Not just my angelic loved ones but my living friends and family, also.  I look out my window at the view of the twinkling, bright shining stars in the sky…
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