They Are The Oppressed

If you are sitting here reading this article, you are very lucky indeed. Trust me, it’s not because it’s written by me or because I believe it’s such a great article. You are lucky simply because you are allowed to sit here and read, period. An estimated 4.4 billion people around the world do not…
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Happy Easter


Some BUNNY Loves You!

It is always pure joy to watch a young child’s eyes glow with enthusiasm and excitement! I have been making “bunny” pancakes for years. Everyone young at heart has always enjoyed my bunny-shaped pancakes for their appealing visual delight and great taste! They are perfect to serve as an Easter or springtime brunch! ~ Buttermilk…
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A Journey Into The World Of The Naga People (Part 4)

continuation of  A journey into the World of the Naga People In 1955 India sent 53,000 troops into Nagaland under the pretense that the naga were Indians and that Nagaland was Indian Territory. This was rightly so, considered to be a foreign invasion and although the naga fought bravely, most were uneducated peasants and farmers.…
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A Journey Into The World Of The Naga People (Part 3)

continuation of A Journey into the World of the Naga People The family is the basic unit of the naga society. Marriages are usually monogamous and fidelity to the spouse is considered a high virtue. Marriage within the same clan is not permitted and is considered to be incest. Incestuous couples were previously ostracized from…
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