Seek For The Positives

Are we really so different from one another?  Everyone wishes to be accepted. To fit in, so to speak, in society. I have not been medically able to eat or drink by traditional means in twenty years.  Having a handicap is only seen as a disability if you limit your mind to negatives.  I reflect…
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Frost Jewels

Jewels can be found in God’s handiwork during any season of nature.  It is a cold but sunny morning in Minnesota. Frost jewels gently form on the window.  I envision peace and love encased with harmony as 2017 comes to an end. 2018 will arrive with fragile crystals of delicate patterns in my life and…
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Merry Christmas!

May peace and love fill your hearts as we celebrate the birth of our Savior.   Sweet Conclusions

Do You Have 44 Seconds?

I have discovered that life can change in a blink of an eye.  When faced with challenges for survival do we find inner strength to cope?  Or, do we surrender? This is a season of MIRACLES!  What better time than to share my personal story of HOPE!    Merry Christmas from Sweet Conclusions  Rosie 

Time To Toss The Confetti!

I proudly introduce the book release of Rosie Hartwig-Benson’s incredibly heartwarming, inspirational memoir, Petals of Distinction. Rosie’s life has been synonymous with health issues far beyond the imaginations of most. It’s been a true battle against almost impossible odds. Allow yourself the opportunity to walk in her shoes for a little while, deep into a…
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