Seek For The Positives

Are we really so different from one another? 

Everyone wishes to be accepted. To fit in, so to speak, in society.

I have not been medically able to eat or drink by traditional means in twenty years.  Having a handicap is only seen as a disability if you limit your mind to negatives.  I reflect in reverence upon the form of frost on my windowpane this morning and view God’s presence.  In the darkness last night, I viewed the light of a million stars shining in the sky.  Each star twinkle-danced with a promise of a new tomorrow.

I share the link at the end of this blog to an article written by the editor of the Independent Review Newspaper.  She arrived at my home to interview me.  We talked about life.  The struggles and also the joys that can be found in the simplest of things.

I opened the window of my soul in my memoir, Petals of Distinction.  I share my journey in hopes to pass along the pearls of wisdom learned during the painful wonders of life.  

Pause and take a few minutes out of your day to read this article and reflect on hope.

I will be speaking at Saint Gertrude’s Church, Forest City, MN at 9 a.m. on this Saturday, January 13th.   I will share my journey and a smile with you during this book signing – speaking event.  

God bless. 

Until next time with more Sweet Conclusions.



Medical Miracle Newspaper Link