Time To Toss The Confetti!

I proudly introduce the book release of Rosie Hartwig-Benson’s incredibly heartwarming, inspirational memoir, Petals of Distinction.

Rosie’s life has been synonymous with health issues far beyond the imaginations of most. It’s been a true battle against almost impossible odds. Allow yourself the opportunity to walk in her shoes for a little while, deep into a world without the intake of food/drink by way of mouth, a world of health complications and of continuous struggles, although, more importantly, a world that she never allows to drag her down.

I have read her amazing story and witnessed her struggles in person. I am happy that you have the opportunity to read her fascinating story. You can order her book online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or you can contact her to purchase your own autographed copy. Better still, if you live in Minnesota you can attend one of her book signings.  

Saturday, December 9th  9 AM – 1 PM   Book signing at Litchfield Flower Shop, 338 East Hwy 12, Litchfield, MN.

Monday, December 11th  5:30 PM – 7 PM  Event and book signing at Natural Food Co-op, 230 N Sibley Ave, Litchfield, MN.

Until next time with more Sweet Conclusions,