Icy Adventure

Ms. Cardinal has been so enthralled by her luxurious bath that she seems to hardly notice the icy layers in the surrounding water.  It has been a long winter and this open water must feel heavenly on this overcast morning.   Mr. Cardinal clothed in scarlet protected her by watching and waiting in the nearby crab-apple tree.

After her bath they departed together into the evergreen. Several minutes later, he peeked out at me.

Be on the look out in your neighborhood for signs of spring!

Let me know what you view in a reply response.

Enjoy your weekend 🙂

Until next time with more Sweet Conclusions,


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  1. Mike B.

    Here in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, we are seeing early signs of spring as well. We have received more than our annual average amount of rainfall in just five and a half months according to a recent newscast. A couple of weeks ago, the news said that Seattle has had more snow than Minneapolis this year. That’s unheard of.

    This morning it was still below freezing when I left for work but my daffodils that I planted in my grandmothers honor are ready to pop open, and my hydrangea has a ton of buds on it. I would attach pics if I could figure out how to do so.

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      That is rare that Seattle had more snow than Minneapolis this winter. I hope you made a snow angel! How lovely to have daffodils and hydrangea ready to pop open!
      Thank you for following along with Sweet Conclusions, Mike and leaving a reply.

      1. Mike B.

        Snow angels are more fun to make with a loved one, Petals. I am anxiously awaiting the opening of the daffodils and hydrangea, and will have pics when that occurs. 🙂

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