Everybody Is Going Through Something

This morning a maintenance man arrived to my home to fix a household issue. When I opened the door, I greeted him with a smile  and proceeded to say, ” Welcome, did you notice that it is warmer outside?” 

He looked at me like I was nuts to say a winter morning in Minnesota appeared a few degrees warmer.  He quickly stated in a gruff voice, ” No, I didn’t notice. I have already had a wild morning.”

The feline of this household always checks out a visitor. I was surprised when her back arched, fur standing on end. 

He also noticed and snickered while saying, “That cat is agitated by my presence.” 

He went about his job. I heard tools drop a couple times and long, deep, audible sighs when he went down steps to the entry way to get more supplies from his truck outside.

Finishing the job, I was presented with an invoice . While writing out the check, I told him, “I want to thank you for your promptness and completing this task so quickly.  I hope the rest of your day goes more smoothly.”

He left and closed the door.   Two minutes later, he knocked on the door.  I again greeted him with a smile.  This time he was smiling and with a pleasant speaking tone said, ” I happened to notice it really does seem to be warmer today. Thank you for pointing this out to me.  If you have any more maintenance problems be sure to give me a call.”

Long story short, we all go through multiple issues in our daily life. Health problems, pain, stress, personal issues,  loss of a loved one, long hours at your employment, etc.

Take time to reflect in finding the positives in the day.  There is always something to be grateful for.  Above all:  S.M.I.L.E. when you meet someone.  It might make their day suddenly appear worthwhile.

Until next time with more Sweet Conclusions,





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