It seems like yesterday when a beautiful, three year old girl would arrive at my home and bound up stairs with a vigorous leap. She would crawl to the top of the kitchen counter to take off the cookie jar lid and reach inside for a treasure.  Popping a succulent cookie into her mouth made her eyes sparkle with wonderment. She always knew that Rosie would have that cookie jar full of sweet treats. Her tiny legs had to work really hard to have enough endurance to climb up stairs and counter tops to reach her goal. She was always victorious.

I hope Emily realizes today that each morning, five days a week, I was giving her a treasure far more precious than a chocolate chip cookie. I was supplying faithful reassurance that when she reached for her sweet treat treasure that jar would not be empty.

Last night I pondered life with a multitude of emotions. I thought of all the treasures I try to reach for in a single day.  Sometimes they are not as easily obtained as taking a lid off a cookie jar and reaching inside.  Often times what I reach for is empty.

What did you reach for today?

Did you fail or succeed?

How wonderful it would be to reach for someone’s hand to help me from falling further down the steep incline.  If only someone was right by my side to help me succeed.  Then I realize that God is always right next to each of us. Patiently waiting for us to notice and allow him to help guide us. I need to get on my knees and pray for more signs that my goals are also attainable: faithful reassurance that we are not alone in this mixed up yet wonderful world.

Find the good qualities in life and people.  Tell that person next to you what you like about them instead of finding a negative.  Above all keep reaching for your personal, daily treasures without giving up the fight.  Keep hope and faith tucked in your heart.  th


Until next time with more Sweet Conclusions,



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