Reality Is Often Crueler Than Fiction

A boy was sadistically bullied most of his school years by a group of cruel and malicious students. They hit him and kicked him, threw food at him and pushed his head down the toilet. They degraded him and humiliated him, insulted him and filled his days with a constant fear that nobody cared to free him of. One morning in sheer desperation he stole his father’s gun and took it with him to school. As he entered the building he took one shot, one clean shot before being taken out. It killed one of his bullies.

This was actually the story line of a movie I watched the other day. However, it leaves many unanswered questions.

So many kids are bullied, are forced through hell each and every day. I am sure many of them consider revenge. And is it really revenge they consider or just the chance to find freedom?

If you know of a child who is being bullied, it is your duty to do something about it. You have the duty to protect that child before something terrible happens.

No child should ever be bullied, or ever have to consider the unthinkable…


Until next time with more Sweet Conclusions,