Watch Out Behind You!

Central Minnesota has been experiencing lovely weather allowing vast opportunities to get outside and breathe fresh air. I was a passenger going for a leisurely drive to enjoy the beauty of pelicans gliding across quiet waters.  We were lucky to see several pelicans actively catching fish.

I happened to look out the side view mirror to see a bright yellow and orange vehicle. Let’s just say, it is not everyday you see a 27-foot-long hot dog on wheels behind you! I quickly reached for my mobile phone to take a photo so my son would believe me!


The chances of seeing the ” Oscar Mayer Wienermobile” are slim to none.  There are only six Wienermobile vehicles on the road at any given time roaming the expansive highways and backroads of this great country of ours.  In 1936, this creative vehicle was master minded by Carl Mayer (Oscar’s Nephew).

20160519_155238  Guess it’s time to start thinking about summer grill-outs after seeing the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile!  No matter what you do or where you are headed make time to “watch” out behind you and enjoy life to the fullest!

P. S.  Let me know where you have seen the Wienermobile!

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