One With The World Around Me

We all search for inspiration in different ways. My way is the great outdoors. Today I spent a couple hours wandering through Kungsbacka forest, filling my batteries and allowing myself to become one with the world around me.

The photo of the stairway is called Sjöbäcks Viewpoint. Before 1863 the area there was just suburbs. After 1863 a forest was planted. There was also stone circles. The people of Kungsbacka, Sweden began to use the area as a recreation area.


There is an unbridled magic to being in the forest, a joyful bird chorus that soothes my soul and replenishes me to the point of overflowing. My mind is transported to distant places, places where once I was also inspired. I remember sitting in the garden in Minnesota, similar bird songs, although songs that are still not quite the same as here. In a few weeks time I will be sitting out in the garden again, listening to the sounds of nature while following the beat of my inner being, filling me with inspiring thoughts and inspiration.

gavin with babybird in hand scThe day was fresh and alive with brightly winged birds flying about its timeless wonder … Gavin Hill

[Verse taken from my novel: The Power of the Zycon © Gavin L. Hill, all rights reserved ® ]

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