Rejoicing In Sweet Melody!

Waking up to the sweet melody of any bird is invigorating. It clearly states it is a new day and nature is rejoicing. This morning the robin’s chorus with a distinct rich mixture of what- cheer, cheer, cheer  by cardinals in the background grace my soul.

Whenever I hear a robin’s song I am transported back to being in kindergarten and listening to my teacher sing and play on the ivory keyboard, “Robin, robin sing to me, way up high in the apple tree.”   This dear lady enriched my life and others.  She taught her classroom of five year olds something so simple and meaningful … that we should embrace the gift of nature around us.

Recently my former kindergarten teacher along with a close girlfriend (former kindergarten classmate) visited me at my home. Our teacher lovingly played the robin song and sang to us.  Yes, we were in kindergarten all over again and it was fantastic! We then chatted for hours catching up on past years.  To be surrounded with love from people who have made a difference in my path of life was surreal.  A blessed day I will long carry in my heart.

Remember to stop, watch and listen closely to nature. Observe their habits. There is messages revealed in their songs.


Until next time with more Sweet Conclusions...




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  1. Your bestie AR

    Such sweet words, memories and life lessons! You truly know how to bring it all into perspective! Thank you for sharing your gift!

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      AR,thanks for following along with Sweet Conclusions! Your gift of friendship and caring makes me a lucky person!

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