Droplets Of Hope

Inhaling the simplicity of nature in the yard at Sweet Conclusions I zoomed the camera lens on a water droplet. It revealed a very fine spider’s silk thread woven about the branch. Upon the thread was a tiny water droplet wavering in the wind.

droplet frame NY 2016


It conveyed to me that although not always visible by the human eye; I also have been hanging on by a thread.

Cleansing my soul with tears of a shattered body and a heart full of pain I examined the fineness of the thread.

Every moment of 2015 I was given extreme challenges: to proceed in a different path than I had envisioned for my future. Deep woven threads of faith, patience and fortitude have prevailed allowing me to become a stronger spirit.

It is 2016. A new “open” window of opportunity prevails with the New Year. I plan to remain tightly grasped to God’s hand as he continues to guide me on new avenues … unfolding most likely into deep profoundness with a fresh start.

Happy New Year! May 2016 bring all of your dreams to home plate!


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  1. Debra

    Such a beautiful message! Your positive attitude is an inspiration for all of us to follow while living our own lives!

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