Here’s To 2016

It’s January 3rd and it’s bitter cold outside. We are three days into a new year, three days away from 2015 and of all that year had to offer us. For some of us it has been a year of good tidings and of bright smiles and for others, it has been a year of struggles and of pain. It has been another year in the course of life. 2015 will be remembered for both good and bad.

Who can forget the Syrian refugee crises, the attack on the offices of satirical French magazine, Charlie Hebdo, the FIFA scandal, the downing of a Russian Sukhoi SU-24 by Turkey, or the senseless killings in Paris? 2015 has brought us to the brink of all-out-war.

It’s not all bad news though. 2015 has brought a new climate agreement, nearly 200 countries agreeing to a long-term goal of keeping global warming below 2 degrees Celsius. It has seen Cuba and the US restore diplomatic relations for the first time since 1959.

The Ebola epidemic in West Africa has been largely defeated, global poverty has continued to fall, Iran has signed a nuclear deal and has so far, followed through with it, and women have finally been allowed to vote (and about time) in Saudi-Arabia.

We are all walking our own roads, following our own paths through life. Some of us were born in 2015 and some of us died in 2015.

For those of us though that have entered 2016, the road continues with further challenges and goals to meet. Many of us will run and others will walk through the year. Some of us will laugh and others will cry and sadly, others will fall along the wayside. We are all pieces of this patchwork of life and all parts of the machine called humanity.

The New Year stands before us, like a chapter of an unwritten book. It’s ours to write, for better or for worse, let’s write it together.

Let us create better futures for all and let us celebrate the birth of this year to come. May 2016 offer you amazing opportunities far beyond your expectations and may all your dreams come of NY post9_650369945474719325_n



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