Small Lights Waiting To Shine

Today I saw a man walk by a beggar.

The rain was dancing along the sidewalk before rushing for the curb edge. The beggar was huddled up against a building with a garbage bag about her narrow shoulders. Just then the man dropped something. I was curious to see what this beggar might do. She could have climbed to her feet and stole away with it. She didn’t though.

Instead, she crossed the sidewalk, picked it up and gave it to the man. He looked at her with obvious surprise.

The beggar had nothing but the garbage bag she was dressed in and the small tin of coins at her feet. Sometimes it’s the people who have less who have the most. What I saw today warmed my heart. I hope the money I gave her will warm hers.

In these dark times there are so many small lights just waiting to shine, so many smiles just waiting to be created.

Even when we reach our lowest low and we feel as if the world no longer cares, it’s worth remembering that there is somebody out there who has it worse than you.

Cherish the life you have. Spread joy whenever you can. What goes around comes around. We are only here but a short time. Let the footprints you leave be the ones others remember.

Until next time with more Sweet Conclusions,


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