Enchanting Splendor

The first major snowfall of the season is always magical. Yesterday morning I wandered from room to room, window to window taking in the wonderment. I took the screen off of my bedroom window. I literally hung outside, extending my arms while holding my camera to capture the beauty.  The crap-apple tree was breathtaking. Red berries against the heavy, white fluff on the branches awaited my camera lens to focus upon the splendor.

berries on branches 2015I instantly knew I needed to go for a walk in this winter wonderland. I dug out my old worn snow boots, a warm jacket and proceeded out the door expecting a cold blast of air.  Surprisingly it was mild with little wind.  Canadian geese flew overhead, the echo of their honking mixed with the sounds of black-capped chickadees gave grace to the untouched snow upon my path.

I marveled at the majestic twenty foot evergreens clothed in pure whiteness. Softly scented pine wisps filled the misty air.  I was transported back in time to a sunny July afternoon when my young son planted the pine seedlings. They were only the size of a pencil when lovingly planted. It is amazing how they have grown … giving privacy and beauty.

pine trees 2015 sc The simplicity of nature are joyful gifts given to us in each season. Take a moment to take in the beauty around you.

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