Signs Of Autumn

Unveiling another season of God’s painted canvas …

daisy sunflower sky sc 2014 septWP_20140927_005maple ski sc 2014 septApples SCIchurch sc3butterflies SC GroupingI think autumn time is best for me

When leaves turn a rusty red

 Cool fresh air enters my head

Birds take off into the sky

I know they will be back

But still I say good bye

I think autumn time is best for me …

© Gavin L. Hill, all rights reserved ®

Segment from Reflections Upon the Waters of Life (our poetry/photography book)

Until next time with more Sweet Conclusions

Enjoy the beauty all around you!


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    1. Gavin and Rosie

      Kathryn, I appreciate your heartfelt reply! Thank you for following along with Sweet Conclusions all the way from Texas!

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