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Today’s post is an interview conducted by David Barrick, a retired librarian. He interviews author-motivational speaker, Gavin Hill … the other half of Sweet Conclusions.Areavoices. Enjoy this informative interview about Gavin’s new book release, The Tale of the Golden Casket  and other highlights of interest …  

David:   Not once but twice I have had the extraordinary pleasure of being in the audience during Gavin Hill’s motivational speaking – author events in the U.S.A. Today, I had the honor via Skype to connect and interview Mr. Hill. Here are the highlights of our time together:
Greeting, Gavin! Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions for your loyal fans!
Gavin:    And thank you for taking the time to speak with me.
David:    I have read your excellent series of adult books. In August, your sixth book was released. I am holding my printed copy in my hands! Great front and back covers by the way! I will let you tell our viewers the title and about this new release.
Gavin:   Thank you! The title is, “A Tale of the Golden Casket” it is as you stated my sixth published book in the Maze series. When I began book one in the Maze series I had no idea there would be a second book. Now there are six books in the series!
The fate of the Maze rests within the Golden Casket which is now in the possession of the Novark King. If the Chosen Four are not reunited soon the Golden Casket could be lost forever with the Maze falling deep into the pits of purgatory!”

TGC with Spine cover #1

David: Another great adventure book in your series!  The ending left me feeling completely at peace, satisfied that you connected the series so well. Please tell our readers the titles of all of your books.
Gavin:    The Maze, The Blood Tree, The Changling, The Watchman, The Power of the Zycon, The Tale of the Golden Casket. All are available on online through, Barnes and Noble. Com and Jan-Carol Publishing .com.


6 book covers

David:   I am a recently retired librarian. I have always been interested in bringing into the school system story lines that captivate a young child’s attention with a valuable moral. Is it true you have a children’s book coming out in 2016? If so please tell us about your book.
Gavin:   Yes, I have an upcoming children’s book entitled, “A Lesson in the Jungle” under contract with my publisher, Jan-Carol Publishing, in Tennessee. It is a captivating children’s story teaching the importance of preserving life within the animal kingdom. It is the first in my children’s book series called Live and Learn. Each book has a live and learn message with different animals and characters. Readers of all ages, young and old, will be enriched with the valuable lesson told within its illustrated pages.
David:    We look forward to taking this new adventure with you, Gavin!
Gavin:    Thank you, David. I am very excited to show readers the many avenues of my writing from adult to children’s books, poetry to children’s themed theatre productions!
David:    I purchased your inspiring poetry-photography, coffee table book at your event! Please tell our readers more about this special collaboration.
Gavin:    Reflections upon the Waters of Life has actually been years in the making. Not the book itself of course, but the love and energy that has surrounded the concept at least. My dear friend, Rosie is an avid photographer and me, well I write a little, as you well know. I have a long and deep relationship with the written word; have written books and song texts and poetry and a whole lot more. Rosie shares my passion but with pictures. It only seemed right that we would put our creative minds together to come up with the book you purchased at an event. Reflections upon the Waters of Life is a collection of photography and verse, the idea being to lift and to inspire others.


David:   My grandchild and I were in attendance for your library children’s event in 2013 in a quaint town in Minnesota. The children really poured their hearts into acting out the roles! Everyone in the audience enjoyed your special anti-bullying message.
Gavin:   That’s good to know. I have always cherished the young; have worked within the school system most of my working life. The young are the future and it is up to us to mold them into fine adults. I didn’t much care for school, hated having to sit hour upon hour, reading and writing and then reading and writing again. Education has to be fun or it simply becomes a chore. It must be interesting and uplifting. I think that is why I came up with the idea of a theme theater.
David:   You mentioned at the meet and greet I attended, while at your home away from home in Minnesota ,you found inspiration to write, while relaxing with nature on your patio. Please tell us what project you were working on during your time in the states and if it is completed?
Gavin:   Oh yes, it’s complete. I have the perfect writing spot, a corner plot, with plenty of grass and trees. I love nature. Oddly enough, my home from home in Minnesota always inspires me and it is very rare that I don’t have ideas while sitting there with a strong mug of coffee. The project you are referring to is a book entitled, ‘The Rise of Silent Shadow’. It all came about one early morning when I was sitting out in the sun listening to the birds. Just at that moment three boys went by on their bicycles. It’s kind of strange how the mind works, but suddenly the three of them gave me an idea. I rushed indoors, took a pen at note pad and began writing. The story is about a young journalist named Mathew, who leaves city life to work at a small newspaper in a little town called Silent Shadow. What he doesn’t know is that Silent Shadow has been waiting for him ever since he was adopted almost twenty-three years earlier. The town holds a deep and dark secret, and only through Mathew will peace return to a town that has been cursed by an evil above all others.
David:  On a lighter side, it would be fun to know what foods you found more savoring than others during your travels in the U.S.A.? Any other final news you wish to share with us before this interview ends?
Gavin:   When I was down in Kentucky I got to try okra for the first time. That was totally new for me. I also ate grits and sweet potatoes. Oh and kettle corn. I love kettle corn. I ate goat for the first time when I was in Texas. It was at a lovely Mexican restaurant in San Antonio. Very nice, I love food and the U.S.A certainly has a taste for everybody.
I have several other books ready for my publisher as well. I don’t really want to go into great detail about them just yet, although I can assure you, you haven’t read the last of me yet!

David:  Exciting! Thank you again Gavin. I enjoyed interviewing you.

Escape from the world by reading! SC books

We all look forward to reading more adventures from author Gavin Hill and seeing him at events across America soon!

Until next time with more Sweet Conclusions,


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    Enjoyed the interview. Glad to know more publications are on the way Gavin, looking forward to all of them.

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    Thrilling Gavin to hear your children’s book will be available next year and more publications following! Anxiously awaiting each one!

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    Great interview! I want you to know I have ordered The Tale of the Golden Casket. Looking forward to reading.

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