Where Have You Looked?

Have you ever pondered what your world would be like without certain senses?  To not be able to taste your favorite food or drink a refreshing glass of raspberry lemonade, to not be able to smell the lingering fragrance of a loved one’s clothing item left behind in a closet, to not be able to hear the majestic cardinal sing, to not be able to feel the touch of velvet between your finger tips, or not to be able to view a rainbow and see the amazing sign of hope light up the sky …

I live in a world where I am not able to experience some of my senses and you may also. The senses I do experience are magnified because of the ones not being utilized.

Every morning there is a sunrise, each night a sunset, both beautiful signs of hope. One for the new day, of hope of promises and dreams. The other ending the day with new memories with hope and dreams of tomorrow. I hope you stop long enough in your day to enjoy a sunrise and a sunset.

I have been fortunate to view a variety of rainbows this past week.

At a recent Sweet Conclusions event, I presented the framed photo of a rainbow  taken outside of our bedroom window with the verse from Gavin:

Eyes lifted to greet it, the delight crest of the rainbow just touching it with faint embraces”P1080605 sc post


1: a curved line of different colors that sometimes appears in the sky when the sun shines through rain

2: a multicolored array

A double specular rainbow of hope appeared after a recent thunderstorm in central MinnesotarainbowIt was amazing to view the full spectrum!

(my cell phone photo does not do it justice)

I found another rainbow in the most unusual spot …  WP_20150412_002If you guessed my cat’s tail – you are correct!

Look at this rainbow beautifully displayed on my clothing

WP_20150313_011Signs of hope are everywhere … where have you looked to find your promise of hope today?


Until next time with more Sweet Conclusions


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