A Journey Into The World Of The Naga People (Part 4)

continuation of  A journey into the World of the Naga People

In 1955 India sent 53,000 troops into Nagaland under the pretense that the naga were Indians and that Nagaland was Indian Territory. This was rightly so, considered to be a foreign invasion and although the naga fought bravely, most were uneducated peasants and farmers. They died in their hundreds and thousands. Nagaland was successfully divided up into three separate states, strategically causing divides within the naga people. Younger generations of naga are fast forgetting what their forefathers fought and died for.

Renowned naga author Kaka D. Iralu, in response to the BJP (a political party) calling northeasterners immigrants, in the vision document – The Vision Document of the BJP for the Delhi polls, said ‘this was a most heartening and welcome description of the northeastern people. For the first time since her independence, one political party of India has at least uttered the truth for once’ (though it was immediately withdrawn as a “printing error”).

Kaka D. Iralu (borrowed from http://www.burmalink.org/south-asian-history-begin-indian-independence-act-1947/#prettyPhoto)index.19965.1674451191199650

The naga, like it or not, are in India and are politically at least, Indians. Calling them immigrants is without a doubt, the worst form of discrimination. What Kaka is saying with such a bold and sarcastic statement is that if India was to allow the naga to become a separate nation, free of the sub-continent, then they would be correct in calling the naga immigrants. As it is, it is pure racism.

Historically speaking, no Hindu or Mughal king has ever conquered the northeastern territories beyond the river Brahmaputra. In fact, the word northeastern did not exist in any historical documents prior to the Indian invasion of these territories after the Indian independence of August 15th 1947. Prior to 1947, India was a country of over five hundred princely states that had never invaded any of its neighbor nations. However much one tries to cover the truth and live under a lie though, the truth will always find its way to the surface. The truth has an uncanny habit of doing that.

For example every time these so called, northeasterners travel from India to foreign lands, they are always held up in foreign immigration counters, officers with accusing eyes suspiciously insisting they are not Indian citizens. Often they are looked upon as if they are spies, as if they are attempting to enter their countries with false, Indian passports. It’s the same story when they are returning. It’s a cruel twist for the naga, who have every right to come and go as they please.

They have to face all these inconveniences and suspicions because none of them are racially, culturally or politically, Indian. As far as the naga are concerned, any naga settling in Delhi or any other part of India holding an Indian passport is indeed an immigrant from Nagaland. On the other hand, any Indian citizen or Indian officer who settles or who is posted in Nagaland, including the Governor of Nagaland, is an Indian immigrant in Nagaland. They are not naga citizens, but mere Indian immigrants, who are guests of the Naga Nation and of the Federal Government of Nagaland. The myth and lie that the naga are Indians and that Nagaland is Indian territory was created by the Indian I.B. (Intelligence Bureau) under Nehru and the Naga People’s Convention of 1957, further enforced by a mere 0.1% of some naga traitors, who collaborated with the Indian government through the so called, ‘16 Point Agreement’ of 1960.

As for the rest of the naga population who participated in the Naga National Plebiscite of 1951, these naga, true and honest to obvious biological, anthropological, historical and political facts, rightly declared that they are not Indians but Mongoloid naga. These naga also hoisted their national flag on 14th August 1947 and established their sovereign Federal Government of Nagaland on March 22, 1956.

flagYou can learn more of the history of the naga people by reading the Kaka D Iralu books, ‘The Naga Saga’, The Blood and the Tears: Nagaland and India’ and ‘Clinging to Truth in a Sea of Lies’.

The day will come when our modern civilization will fall, crumble at our feet and turn to dust. Where will we be then? We who had everything, who tamed the animals and the land. We who destroyed the forests and emptied the oceans, who built vast cities on the blood and the toil of our indigenous peoples. Where will we be when we have used up the resources that we need in order to drive our cars and our factories and our homes? Where we will be then? All over the world indigenous people are struggling to survive, desperately fighting to keep their cultures and histories alive. The naga are no different. All they want are their basic rights, to be able to live in the lands their forefathers gave them, to raise their children in peace and to look toward better and brighter futures.

Thank you for reading these words. Not only I, but the naga people appreciate it.

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      Thank you or your comment. I am only happy to have been given the opportunity to write this article. I truly hope it spreads a little awareness and that your people live well and prosper. 🙂

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