Rite Of Spring

Pussy willow buds or “catkins” opening right before my spring-starved eyes was truly an amazing nature moment bestowed upon me this lovely March day in central Minnesota. I have been fortunate for the past eleven years to only have to peer out my window to witness this transformation of winter to spring!  This tree was planted in loving memory of my father in 2004. It now stands proudly above the rooftops. The lovely silky catkins come before the leaves.

opening pw scPW scPussy willow trees are native to wetlands of Canada and the eastern U.S. As a willow, the trees are part of the genus, Salix. The terminology “pussy willows” is used loosely to refer both to the trees themselves and to the furry buds on their branches.

I hope you enjoyed the beauty!

Catch you next time with more Sweet Conclusions!


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