Oh, Beautiful Dorset (part 3)

Continuation of Oh, Beautiful Dorset and Oh, Beautiful Dorset part 2,

I was brought up in Wimborne, England. Wimborne lies on the River Stour. It was an old Saxon settlement and the foundation of Wimborne Minster dates back to the beginning of the eighth century. The minster was sacked by the Danes in 1013. Æthelred of Wessex was buried there in 871. I remember there being a model town in Wimborne, a complete replica of the town itself. I always felt like a giant when walking up and down the streets, peering into shop front windows.


Yes, that sweet little guy is me. Are you wondering what happened? Me too-hahaha

One of the most amazing sights, for me at least, must be Durdle Door. It’s probably one of the most famous rock formations anywhere in the world. 

It was created when the sea eroded the limestone around 10,000 years ago. Isn’t nature fantastic? Part of the Jurassic coast, Durdle Door almost looks like something out of a dinosaur movie.

It doesn’t matter where you go in Dorset, you will always find something interesting to see or to do. Here are some more amazing Dorset photos for you to look at.

Poole Harbor, Sandbanks and Studland Beaches and Brownsea Island.

West Bay

Worbarrow Bay

If you ever get the opportunity to visit England, then head for Dorset. There are so many beautiful places to visit in the county with a little of everything.

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