The Glory Of A Winter Day

Every season beholds such beauty. We only have to stop long enough to take it all in! Today my view is the glory of a winter day. The north wind is blowing and the temperatures are below freezing. As I try to gaze out the window of my three season, unheated veranda, I view intricate layers of frost on the window panes. I marvel at the outstanding intricate wonderment before my eyes.  As I analyze the details, I take my finger along each line, form, and pattern of the cold frost.  My mind ponders how God continues to carry us through each of our own intricate, daily issues in life. He forgets no details in creating, molding and carrying us. We are all unique just like how no two snowflakes are the same.

Gavin wrote this poem for me years ago to read for a special, winter Sweet Conclusions poetry event.  I share with you today his poem entitled, Snow.


Silver birches upon pillows of white

The snow that fell during the night

Coated the meadow and fields of green

The prettiest sight I’ve ever seen

A frozen morning sparkling chill

The world about me an eerie still

An ocean of ice across the way

The glory of a winter day …

So sit with me and watch the snow

And let the cold north winds blow

For in good time spring will come

And this winter world will be all but done.

© Gavin L. Hill, all rights reserved ®

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  Until next time with more Sweet Conclusions enjoy the photo I captured of the frost                                        


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