Shining Brightly

There is something about the month of December, the arrival of Christmas that makes me long for my loved ones to be by my side. Not just my angelic loved ones but my living friends and family, also.  I look out my window at the view of the twinkling, bright shining stars in the sky and I feel peace. I know that my loved ones are always surrounding me even though they live many miles in distance from me.  Yet, I still long for their physical presence, like I long for the bright light of this world, Jesus, who was born in a manager many years ago.

This time of the year also makes me long to view the simple pleasure of the Litchfield Christmas lights. I am missing those shining lights this year but I am able to imagine the magical beauty in my mind. Just as I imagine the sunrise breaking radiantly over the horizon of human history when Jesus was born.

Some of the lyrics in the song  “Silver Bells”  capture the essence so well of our city lights.

City sidewalks, busy sidewalks
Dressed in holiday style
In the air there’s a feeling of Christmas

Strings of street lights, even stoplights
Blinkin’ bright red and green

Hear the snow crunch
See the kids bunch
This is Santa’s big scene
And above all this bustle
You’ll hear

Silver bells, (silver bells) silver bells (silver bells)
It’s Christmas time in the city



  May you feel a bright light surrounding you today

giving you a shining glow of peace …

and if you get the chance drive through Litchfield and take in the wonderment of the Christmas decor shining brightly.


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  1. Maggie

    Always loved the Litchfield decorations as a kid – still do. My hubby, and neighbors took a drive around our area in Champlin last night – so beautiful. Also love looking at the reflections on the river from our neighbors decorations across the Mississippi Tis the season!

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