Off The Beaten Track

Sitting here right now, the sun on my back; mug of coffee in hand, it’s difficult to believe summer will soon be giving way to autumn. The older we get, the quicker the years rush by. Isn’t that the story of life? Last week this time I was still in America, still in Litchfield Minnesota, my home from home.

It’s been an eventful summer, a summer of meeting old friends and of making new ones, of completing my latest novel, of editing, of promoting my books and Sweet Conclusions.

Six weeks passed like wild horses and in just a few days’ time, I’ll be back at work here in Sweden. I always cherish my time in America; always look forward to visiting new and exciting places, places the average tourist doesn’t usually get to see. I have friends who have traveled from New York to Orlando, from Seattle to San Diego. Some have flown from Sweden to Washington DC or Minneapolis while others have experienced Dallas or Denver, Phoenix or Las Vegas. I’m not really a city person though; don’t really need to see streets lined with shops and tourists packed in cars and on buses like tins of sardines well-passed their sell by date.

If you want to see the true America, you should take a step back, leave the tourist tracks and head off into what is for me, one of the most amazing countries on earth.

You can find a McDonald’s or a Burger King, a tacky clothes store or and shoe shop in pretty much any city on the planet and surely, once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. I always make a point of visiting small towns, discovering new watering holes, mixing with the good people I meet on the way. As much as I would like to take a road trip from New York to Orlando or from Seattle to San Diego, I think I’ve seen and will keep seeing the best of America!

  Until next time with more Sweet Conclusions,


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  1. Marlene

    Your events touched many lives, Gavin. Thank you for sharing your talents with America. I for one was proud to be in attendance and hear you on the radio and see you walk by on the streets. We all look forward to your return. I know someone who didn’t tie “knots” tight enough to keep you from leaving! haha

  2. Maggie

    Always fun to visit with you when you are in America. I’m going to start thinking now of something new and exciting to show you next year!

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