Eden Valley Area Library- An Inspiration To All (Part Two)

It’s always fun meeting and working with children, educating and guiding them, filling their young minds with creative thoughts. At the William Gray & the Family Next Door event though, we also met many amazing adults. The Eden Valley Area Library really does know how to reach out to the young. William Gray & the Family Next Door was the first of two shows, the second being a mad scientist. Well, that’s what he was billed as. He was actually a science teacher, just another adult with a burning desire to teach and to interact with the young. The world needs more teachers, more educational storytellers, more adults who want to reach out and help others.

Last Saturday Rosie and I had an adult event at the exact same place. It’s always fun to stand behind a podium, to open the heart and to offer a little inspiration, to gaze into the eyes within the crowd, to see the smiles and to feel the warmth. None of us are invincible. We might think we are and we might believe we possess the strength to purely go it alone. Life’s really not that simple though is it?

Rosie’s heart-rending story brought many to tears, the constant struggle of a woman who has fought every step of the way, who is unable to eat and to drink as we do. My life story has always caused others to think about their own lives, about how they conduct themselves and about how they perceive others. Mine is a story of determination against the odds, of becoming something most thought to be impossible. Hers is a story of sheer courage, a heart-breaking story of a woman who in spite of everything, still manages to get up each morning and to smile defiantly in the face of adversary.

Sometimes we all need a helping hand, kind words and a gentle heart, somebody to inspire us or just to tell us we’re doing okay. If life was easy it would probably soon become quite boring. There is a reason for everything, a place and a time. We all face challenges, all feel sad or lonely sometimes… it’s part of life. We cannot run or hide from our pasts and all of us have done things we dearly regret. I know I have, and that’s why I chose to become a motivational speaker. Rosie chose the path for a different reason.   

But we can all motivate others; all bring joy and words of wisdom into other people’s lives. As long as we can come to terms with the things we have done or the things we are, as long as we can turn it all around, use our mistakes or adversaries as tools to help others. As long as we can find the positives within the negatives and allow our experiences to enrich others. Then we are all motivational speakers.

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