Eden Valley Area Library – An Inspiration To All

The world is full of amazing people, people who inspire and reach out into their communities, striving to make it the best place they possibly can. Rosie and I were at such a place today. My children’s story, William Gray & the Family Next Door was performed today in Eden Valley, Minnesota. Rosie and I arrived yesterday with the backdrops and we had been told there might be three or four children who might like to be involved. There were in fact, eight and all of them were eager to join in the fun. We sat a short while and went through the storyline, each child choosing a character to portray.  

I think what I love the most about children is their inborn innocence and innate curiosity. Yesterday a little girl asked if she could be Lucy Brown and I told her she would have to be sad because Lucy Brown is sad. She looked at me with wide eyes and all of a sudden, I could see that Lucy Brown was not the character for her. Finally she looked at me and said, ‘but I don’t know how to be sad’. Imagine if we as adults could say that same thing. She chose to be Max the cat instead.

Rosie and I arrived this morning at 9 a.m. The children arrived soon after, put on their costumes, sat waiting for the show to begin with smiles that cheerfully spread from ear to ear. And what a performance they put on as well. I read from the manuscript and Rosie played the songs, each character being brought to life by children who performed for children. There are seven songs in the story and although both the manuscript and the lyrics were written by me, the music was written by music teacher and good friend, Martin Lignell who lives in Sweden.

Each song has been written in such a way as to reflect the character and the situation. The most important song though is without a doubt, the final song, Stop Bullying and Pointing at Color. There really is no room in society for bullying and it’s so important to teach the young the importance of showing each other love and respect. The eight children, who helped me today stood and danced, laughed and spread the word out across the audience. It really was beautiful to see.

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              Backdrop and stage used for William Gray & The Family Next Door



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  1. Maggie

    Kids are great aren’t they? So glad they enjoyed the presentation of William Gray & the Neighbor next door!

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