Empowering Peaceful Shorelines

We feel very fortunate that we only have to walk a few blocks from our home to stroll along the beautiful shores of  Lake Ripley.

Watching the pelicans has become a daily, peaceful pleasure …

Look at how clear the water is when crossing the bridge area …

Recently we saw a full rainbow over the lake. On one end of the rainbow three pelicans flew – what a glorious sight of new hope and wonderment to view together.

It reminded us of the verse Gavin wrote and we use on one of our Sweet Conclusions wall arts:  This verse is from Gavin’s sixth book in the Maze series, The Tale of the Golden Casket. This book is at the publisher being edited for publication for all to soon to enjoy!

Eyes lifted to greet it,

The delicate crest of the rainbow

Just touching it with faint embraces …

                      Until next time with more Sweet Conclusions,

                                 Gavin and Rosie