Maple Love

One of my fondest memories is the day I came home from work on my birthday, several years ago, to find my loving father in my front yard planting a Sugar Maple tree. He told me he wanted to surprise me with something that I could enjoy long after he was gone.  He was certainly correct in his thoughtful gift. The tiny three foot seedling has grown into a mature majestic beauty! It now towers over the roof top for him to view in heaven. 

I enjoy my Maple tree all year long, each season brings new wonders to view, plus I think of him each time I gaze at its beauty!

Today at least thirty Cedar Wax Wings have flocked to this same Maple tree to drink sap.  I thought you would like to view –

Enjoy the photos!

  Make a memory happen today for someone!

Until next time with more Sweet Conclusions,


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