We Made It !

Welcome APRIL !!!!  We made it through a very long winter!  They are predicting a Minnesota spring “snowstorm” tonight but it can’t damper our spirits as the snow will not last long as April has arrived!

Whenever I flip the calendar page to April, I recall making a bulletin board for an elementary class room a few years ago. I had each child make an umbrella with flowers.

“April Showers bring May Flowers”

There is something magical about viewing the budding of trees and flowers = RE-BIRTH

The tulips and other colorful flowers peeking out of the once frozen earth = RE-LIFE


Look at this photo of tulips…

now view the photo through the glass window pane of rain droplets …

                          They become blended like a watercolor


 I feel the blending is symbolic of the

mixing of our life with re-birth!

Yellow tulips symbolizing “cheerful thoughts”, white conveying “forgiveness”, purple representing “royalty”, pink showing “caring” and the red tulip meaning ” love”.

All together they become variegated tulips

perhaps symbolic of

   “beautiful eyes” with a variety of gorgeous color patterns.

All we have to do is “look” for beauty all around us and feel re-birth of our souls


dance in the rain!

Until next time with more Sweet Conclusions ...


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