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Jan-Carol Publishing of Johnson City, TN is proud to announce the release of the The Power of the Zycon, the fifth installment of the adventurous and suspenseful Maze Series by storyteller and noted international speaker and author Gavin Hill. Already the accomplished author of The Watchman, The Changling, The Blood Tree, The Maze, Hill has created another adventure that stimulates his readers with exciting ventures and compelling diversity!

Author Gavin Hill, master storyteller,

continues his Maze Series with another captivating adventure

Gavin Hill explains about his novel series:

The Maze series has given me so much. I created it in my mind as a child, but I was fifteen before I first put pen to paper. This story has taken me on an amazing journey and has helped me to visit places I otherwise might never have been able to visit. More importantly, the writing journey has taught me to understand who I am.” “I have been blessed with many readers and, I do hope that the readers enjoy reading The Power of the Zycon as much as I enjoyed writing it.”

Gavin Hill lives in Sweden and is a part-time resident of the United States, in the state of Minnesota (Litchfield). His dedication in this novel is a must read to the people and business places in this area of Minnesota and others in the U.S.A.  He tours Europe and America giving motivational talks about anti-bullying issues and his interesting life journey. Gavin is co-owner of Sweet Conclusions, an exclusive art company, and he is the other half of this blog series, Sweet Conclusions Area Voices – Time out with Gavin and Rosie

In this installment of the Maze Series, The Power of the Zycon takes the readers on a thrilling journey. Somewhere in the Maze, they are waiting to be found, to be reunited—the two pieces of the almost 2000-year-old Zycon. The journey to the Gates of Narh is fraught with untold dangers, and it is up to the Trio to retrieve the Dagger of Teorna before the Maze implodes, taking humanity with it. The Power of the Zycon outlines a protector and banner of humanity ever since the birth of Luunie. After years of comparative peace, Armageddon is at hand, and the odds are heavily stacked against mankind. The walls are coming down, and the forces of evil are quickly spreading across the earth.

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