Negatives And Positives

We have been having bitter negative temperatures in the Midwest with treacherous driving conditions due to freezing rain and snow. There are negatives about winter, cars that will not start and accidents, shoveling snow and cancellations due to the severe windchill, and the high costs of heating your home as winter seems to linger on.

There is though something very magical about viewing the beauty of the first freshly fallen snow of the season, making a snow angel or snowman, cross country skiing and viewing the majestic sunset colors against the whiteness of the snow …


 Silver birches upon pillows of white

The snow that fell during the night

Coated the meadows and fields of green

The prettiest sight I’ve ever seen

 A frozen morning sparkling chill

The world about me an eerie still

An ocean of ice across the way

The glory of a winter day

 So sit with me and watch the snow

And let the cold north winds blow

For in good time spring will come

And this winter world will be all but done

  … Gavin Hill

Recent Sunset in Minnesota

The official start of Spring ~ March 20th ~ I have started counting the days  ~

Until next time with more Sweet Conclusions  



2 Responses

  1. mary kastner

    beautiful thoughts and poem, very talented photography and writing. I miss the sights of the North but not the eeriness and depression of the winter. I miss the bonding that was done inside with friends as it was too cold to be out i.e board and card games and good comfort food.

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      Thank you Mary for your heartfelt reply and following along with Sweet Conclusions. Grandma Dora always had the best comfort food, didn’t she!

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