Will 2014 Change The World?

We live in a world of so called “incurable diseases.” It’s not true though. We actually live in a world of curable diseases. We live in a world of endless possibilities, possibilities that we flush down the toilet because we are far too busy starting wars and killing each other. The money that could be spent on medical research; that could be spent on saving lives, is spent on building weapons of death and destruction.

The world is in a downward spiral and if that downward thrust is not halted soon, there will be nothing left of humanity.

One person standing alone is just one voice in an endless ocean of different voices, all crying out with lost syllables. Seven billion people though calling out with one voice can change everything.

 The realist in me is not all that confident about the future of humanity. The optimist however, still believes we will turn things around.

 As we leave 2013 behind us and look toward a brighter 2014, let’s pray the governments of this world see the errors of their ways, stop building weapons and creating wars, and see humanity for what it really is.

So called incurable diseases are only incurable diseases as long as our scientists are not turning them into curable diseases. The answers are here, the scientists to do the job are here. It’s just the funding that isn’t here because it’s going somewhere else.

Cancer has destroyed so many lives. Here’s to more funding in 2014 for advancing research for early detection to save more lives!


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    1. Gavin and Rosie

      It really is, Kathleen. We have such power and so little idea of what to do with it. I hope we can turn things around. Happy New Year to you:)

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