Maple Delight

It’s autumn and leaves are floating softy down, electric reds, golds, and oranges whirling, twirling round and round falling softly to the ground.

My favorite leaf is from the maple tree. The easiest way to describe a maple leaf is to have you think of the Canadian flag. The leaf on the Canadian flag is that of a red sugar maple. 

Photo taken of my neighbor’s red leaf maple tree. The sugar maple is a popular ornamental tree because of its tolerance to shade, spreading form and brilliant autumn foliage.

Sap products such as maple sugar, maple syrup and maple candies are the best known sugar maple products. Sugar maple sap consists of 2 to 6 percent sugar, and can be boiled to make delicious maple syrup. As a hardwood, this tree is also well suited to producing musical instruments, furniture and other household items such as rolling pins.

This photo shows my first sugar maple leaf of the season that twirled down on me Here is a branch from my sugar maple tree taken during a recent rain shower

I decided to take a maple leaf, make a cement mixture and cast the cement over the leaf. After it was completely dry I peeled the leaf off of the cement cast. The cast dried for two days. I then got out my paints and painted on the cast to make it come alive with vibrant colors.

In this photo you will see my leaf is resting on a rhubarb leaf that I also cast.  The maple leaf cast will be used as a paper weight and the rhubarb leaf cast as a trivet.


I also took a photo of this same maple tree last autumn and had it was made into one of our various ‘Sweet Conclusions’ greeting cards.

Light beams danced aimlessly among varying shades of swaying canopies … SC

{ Verse© taken from Gavin’s book The Watchman© }

I enjoy decorating with maple leaves for autumn decor.  Here on my table I have made an arrangement of maple leaves and sunflowers. Note on my wall the three painted maple leaves on my canvas photo.

 Take time to enjoy something “maple” today!

Autumn Color Change ~ I love the rich color tones!

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    Lovely to view the Minnesota Maples during autumn. I miss you Rose and enjoy all of the Sweet Conclusions posts!

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