Angel In Fur

Seven years ago, my wonderful home health care nurse, Jill, arrived at her usual time to prep my port-a-cath to insert a needle for my IV hydration infusion.  During our conversation she cheerfully told me about the new litter of kittens that had been born on Labor Day at her farm. Of course she already knew I adored cats because she could see and hear sweet little Ashley purring on the chair next to us.

When it was time for Jill to leave she convinced me to bring my son and just take a “peek” at the new kittens within the next few days. I phoned my son who was away to college, he  was so excited at the thought of a new kitten that the following weekend he arrived home for us to go and take that “peek” 🙂

We arrived at Jill’s home and before getting out of the car, I reminded him that we were only going to “look” 😉  Well … inside a box we viewed the cutest litter of fluffy kittens in the whole wide world!!!  In case you don’t know me, I have one of the biggest and softest hearts around so it only was a matter of moments and I was cuddling all of the adorable kittens. Oh my … the “peek” had turned immediately into “love” for a calico kitten with a little black nose and white paws. I kept reminding myself this was to be my son’s kitten and we were only “looking” … thank goodness he also agreed that was the one “he” should have once it was weened. Otherwise we surely would have had to adopt not one but two of those irresistible critters!

The big day finally arrived and Jill brought my son’s kitten with her on her next visit to me. My son named her Sophie.  They had a grand time living and studying together in Mankato. During a summer break Sophie arrived home with my son. To make a long story short, his new apartment would not allow cats. Sophie never went back to college with him in the fall of that year. She stayed with me and became the “queen” of the house!

A quote from Georgina Gates:

Her function is to sit and be admired …

Now some may say that a kitten is a kitten or a cat is a cat but they haven’t meet Sophie!  She really is an angel disguised in fur! She freely jumps on my lap to wrap both of her paws around my neck, several times in a day. She has even taken her dainty white paw and wiped a tear or two from my rosy cheeks when I have had a lonely moment. She is very personable, talking to everyone who arrives for a visit to give her attention, play with her or better yet give her a treat!

One of the last things Gavin said to me at the airport was to remember when I got home to give Sophie an extra snuggle from him … yes, she is a charmer!  Thanks Jill for letting us take that “peek” seven years ago!  Sophie has blessed many a day and many a heart ♡

I leave you with a quote from  Mark Twain:

‘A cat is more intelligent than people believe, and can be taught any crime’

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  1. Debra

    Do you remember I was with you for that first viewing? Now I have my own calico angel who also wraps her paws around my neck; purring loudly as she rubs up against my chin. She too is more than happy to greet our guests and tell them a story or two.

    1. Gavin and Rosie

      Oh Debra, yes of course you were! Something about those calico’s that truly love to snuggle and talk.
      Through out the years we have many wonderful memories of several of our cat angels … starting with your Angie for the first one that I recall. I looked at that photo of us with her just the other day!

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