A Grand Ole Texas Time (Part 5)

continuation of A Grand Ole Texas Time (part 4)

So, now we have been told to evacuate the Dallas/Fort Worth airport, have heard the news of further terrorists threats and we are about to board our flight from Texas to Minnesota. You think I was in a sweat? It’s not quite over yet though. As we gazed out through the huge airport windows we could see crowds of people who had left the building prior to the evacuation warnings. Now they are standing outside in temperatures exceeding one hundred and four degrees Fahrenheit and police cars arrive. A new message is sent across the airport waiting lounge. This time it tells us not to panic, that it’s all been a mistake. Surely they would have said that anyway, right?

I’m like a cat on hot stones, we should have boarded our plane half an hour ago and yet here we are standing, waiting while all the time it states that our flight is on time. Finally we were called to board and we located our seats. We were situated just before the wing on the right-hand side. Behind us though, the seats were almost empty. They say life is stranger than fiction. Trust me, sometimes it is.

We made it back to Minnesota a little later than expected, although we missed rush hour and had a fantastic time in Texas. Would we do it again, even with the sirens, news reports and police at the Dallas airport. Of course we would. It was Texas!

I saw this car sticker while in Texas and quite simple had to share its message with you…or is it, y’all?

I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as soon as I could!

or how about this t-shirt with a quote from Davy Crockett:

We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Texas and I can assure you, we will be heading back down that way someday soon!

This photo was  taken inside Billy Bob’s – Fort Worth, Texas – the world’s largest bar

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