A Grand Ole Texas Time (Part 3)

continuation of part 1 & part 2 

Before leaving San Antonio we took a guided boat tour of the River-walk, looked around Louis Tussaud’s Plaza Wax Museum and Ripley’s Believe it or not. Then we spent an hour walking around El Mercado before finding a nice little Mexican restaurant to eat at.

We didn’t really want to say goodbye to that beautiful, historical place, although time waits for nobody and none of us are getting any younger.

Back in the car, we drove through ‘hill country’ via Frederiksberg. That’s another great thing about Texas. It’s not only huge; it’s extremely diverse as well. Frederiksberg is in what is known as hill country.

In fact Texas is divided up into seven regions: Panhandle Plains, Prairies and Lakes, Piney-Woods, Big Bend Country, Hill Country, Gulf Coast and South Texas Plains.

This photo shows our drive through downtown Austin, Texas – unique sky line

The State Capital is located on the mid – left of this photo

(Also notice the sign states back in angle parking … this was new to us)

When we left home it was dark. It was dark when we arrived back home as well. The following day was my birthday and it began with a church service followed by a nice, home cooked meal. That afternoon we drove to Dallas. Steve wanted to show us where President Kennedy was shot. In fact, this year marks the fiftieth anniversary of his shooting. Shortly after noon on November 21st, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated as he rode in a motorcade through Dealey Plaza. X marks the spot and the exact spot where he was shot is in fact marked with one.

Our next stop was the Fort Worth Stockyards. The Stockyard was once the largest and busiest livestock marketing center in the Southwest, where more than one hundred and sixty million head of livestock were sold. It was like going back in time to the days when the life of a cowboy wasn’t just something I used to enjoy watching on television. It was a trip into the old west, into another world. We even got to see the longhorn cattle drive.

My niece is going to Dallas/Fort Worth next month on vacation. She won’t regret it.

My birthday night was spent at the Gaylord Texan Resort Hotel & Convention Center. People say everything is big in Texas. It’s true, everything is really big. That hotel though, is huge. 

Photo shows our room on the ninth floor with a balcony that over looked awe-inspiring splendor of palm trees – water fountains – atrium’s

This photo shows part of the rotunda and fountain at the Gaylord

The first time I spent a night in a hotel was back in 2011 in Duluth, Minnesota. That isn’t so long ago and considering I have just celebrated my 46th birthday, you might wonder why it took so long for me to do so. Truth be told, I have simply never had the money. At 700 Dollars a night, I didn’t have the money this time either. We were lucky though because we managed to get a special room rate through a friend. We paid a lot less than 700 Dollars, trust me. If you think 700 Dollars a night is a lot, try 15,000 Dollars a night. That is how much you will pay for the Presidential suite, or you might just settle for a deluxe suite for a meager 1,500 Dollars a night.

Until next time with more Sweet Conclusions adventures in Texas…


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    I have never been to Texas and have lived in the U.S. all my life. Enjoying your photos and reading about your vacation. Thinking I may need to take a journey down south!

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