Invaders From The North (Part 2)

If there is one state that appears to be fanatical about the Vikings, it has to be the great State of Minnesota. Even the pro-football team is called the Vikings. In Moorhead at the Hjemkomst Center there is a Viking ship that was built by Robert Asp. Unfortunately Robert Asp was soon diagnosed with Leukemia and died. In May of 1982 though, Asp’s family along with members of the Hjemkomst crew decided to sail the Hjemkomst to Norway, which was Robert Asp’s original dream. On August 9th of that year it arrived in Oslo until it was transported back to Minnesota on the M/V Brunto.

I think we really need to take a closer look at who discovered the Americas. Columbus Day is annually celebrated in the United States on the second Monday of each October. During the past five centuries Christopher Columbus has been credited with discover this great continent. Personally, I think we have given credit to the wrong person. There is evidence both in Icelandic sagas and archaeological finds that show the Vikings reached the Americas long before Christopher Columbus was born.


The fact that they made it here long before Christopher Columbus did doesn’t surprise me in the least. What does surprise me though is just how far inland they actually made it. Just last week while on the way up to Fargo in North Dakota, we stopped off in Alexandria. You can’t really miss the huge Viking statue there. It’s twenty-eight feet tall and towers above much of the town that prides itself on being ‘the birthplace of America’. The statue is named Big Ole, and trust me, he’s big!


Until next time with the continuation in part 3


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  1. Marlene

    Glad you both are enjoying your time together. I haven’t seen either of these places. Glad you share your stories and photos with all of us. Never stop sharing!

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