Birthplace Of Minnesota

With Gavin’s arrival we are traveling about doing a lot of day trips and enjoying every minute!

On July 4th we decided to take a journey to Stillwater which is the birthplace of Minnesota. A perfect spot to celebrate the 4th! We had a lovely lunch and afternoon with friends while viewing the scenic St. Croix river.

Stillwater is a charming city. Here we are in front of the bridge (standing in Stillwater on the Minnesota side)  We did travel across into Wisconsin later in the day. We enjoyed fireworks in the evening.

Lumbering was the predominant industry in the St. Croix Valley in the second half of 19th century. Many logs were sent to the Stillwater sawmills.

We found it interesting to learn that Charles Strite invented the household bread toaster in Stillwater in 1921.  Something to ponder when you enjoy that slice of toasted bread in the morning!

Until next time with more of our adventures.


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