Where Great Food And A Great Drink Become A Love Affair (part 2)


Continuation of Where Great Food and a Great Drink Become a Love Affair.

The young lady who showed us around made the whole tour an innovating and uplifting experience. She was actually the owner’s daughter. Her father certainly knows his trade and has gone all out to make sure your beer reaches you at the highest possible standard.  Their logo is, ‘It’s all about the beer’ and trust me, it is.

It’s all family run, which gives it that personal touch. Not only that, but there is a story behind each beer produced. Now, apart from the amazing taste, that is what I found to be most interesting. Many beers you drink are just that, beers you drink. You don’t really get to know anything about them. At the Third Street Brew House however, you get an in depth history of exactly what you are drinking. Like I said, it’s that personal touch that I liked so much.

Lost Trout is probably my favorite. It’s a pretty strange name, isn’t it? You have to wonder though, why they would give it such a name. Apparently, some locals were upset that the brewery might disrupt the trout population in the creek nearby. Others disagreed, saying the trout left years ago. Who knows, perhaps it was all just a fishy story. Perhaps the locals had fished them all up long ago. Now doesn’t that little tale make you feel a little more at home with a bottle of Lost Trout?

Then there is the Bitter Neighbor Black IPA. I much prefer a dark beer to a light and the Bitter Neighbor Black IPA really hits the spot. You can pick your friends but you cannot pick your neighbors. Apparently, not everybody was so happy about the brewery being there. I cannot think why mind you. Your neighbors might leave a bitter taste in your mouth, although a Bitter Neighbor Black IPA…not on your life. Once you get a taste of that frothy-topped darkness, you won’t even worry about your neighbors.

Then of course there is the Rise to the Top, which again, explains itself very well. The Third Street Brew House strives to bring you only the best. It’s a cream ale with a relatively light body, although a slight tartness solidifies its impact, already making it a beer drinker’s favorite. On the label, you will see a rather comical picture of a brewer standing proudly with a large keg of beer. You will love the taste, but don’t take my word for it.

The Three Way is a pale ale, characterized by floral and citrus-like hops. As the name implies, it has been created with a selection of three traditional and unique hops combined with three select malts, creating a pleasing and well-balanced beer.

There is another beer as well, although if you want to know more about that one, I suggest you get yourselves acquainted with the Third Street Brew House. They are about to blow you away.



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