Have you stopped and really looked at the intricate detail on a pansy or any flower for that matter?  After enlarging this photo, I saw so many details not really noticeable when taking the photo. Pansies are hardy annuals whose flowers have “faces.” These plants offer colorful flowers for any season in your garden.

Notice the purple shape on these white petals. 

I see a butterfly.  Gavin sees a Simamese fighter fish.

What do you see?

A flower log is a clever idea for a conversation piece in your garden!


  Or how about this idea of an old boat now used for sporting flowers!

There are endless ways to display your flowers and make them be the perfect focal point in your yard …

I will end with one of our Sweet Conclusions verses written by Gavin:

About me the grass lay thick and green

A breeze tickled ocean

And a soft fragrance of flowering plants

Filled my nostrils with a gloriously scented waft …

Enjoy your summer filled days!

Until next time with more Sweet Conclusions


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