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Gavin and Rosie: The Litchfield Rotary Foundation is doing great things for our community. The latest project “Beds for Kids” is making sure children in Meeker County have beds to sleep on. In the past few months, The Litchfield Rotary has made bed frames and supplied mattresses and bedding to sixty-one children who were sleeping nightly on cold floors. Local churches have provided homemade quilts with each bed. Thanks to this project these children now have a comfortable, warm bed of their very own to sleep restfully on.

Gavin: A world without children would be a world without a future. Humanity would cease to exist. And yet many children through the world suffer daily, forced to get by without the basic necessities that others so freely take for granted. We owe our children the best possible starts in life and it’s not all about changing the world in one day. If only it was that simple.

Rosie: Susan at Very Vintage, 109 Sibley Avenue North in downtown Litchfield, has a display in her front window for the month of June showcasing, “Beds for Kids.”  She realizes how important this project is to children in Meeker County.

Display @ Very Vintage

Gavin: Children throughout the world are crying out for help. But it’s not just out there, far off in some distant land, some poverty stricken country on the other side of the world. On our own doorsteps, in our own back yards there are children going without. Every little bit helps and together we can make a difference, together we can bring about change.

Rosie: If you would like to make a donation for the “Bed for Kids” project you can do so by mailing to:  Litchfield Rotary Foundation  P.O Box 341, Litchfield, MN. 55355 or in person by coming into Very Vintage.  Thank you in advance for making a child comfortable and loved.

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  1. Susan Johnson

    Thank you so much Rosie & Gavin for informing everyone about the wonderful project the Litchfield Rotary Club is doing to help the less fortunate children of Meeker County. Thank you Rotarians for all your dedication to such a significant project!

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