Intricacy Of Natural Art (part 4)

There are intoxicating smells and sights of natural art the minute you go outside in May. I love this time of the year, the whole outside world is literally coming alive! The fragrant blossoms and their beauty are truly astounding.

In part one of Intricacy of Natural Art, Gavin spoke about the desert rose having the intricacy of a rosette formation featuring ‘petals’.  Today, I am going to share different   petals from my yard with you. All fragrant, each unique and stunning with beauty. Gardeners wait impatiently all year for the first blush of color.

Pansy and Columbine

Rhododendron (meaning rose tree) and Fuschia

My Crabapple blossoms are magnificent and seem to be dripping from the branches …

 Flowering Crabapple

 My lilacs are gracefully swaying in the breeze, their intoxicating floral perfume still evoke loving childhood memories …

Lilac Bush

 Soon my spirea bush and rose bush will blind me with their beauty … perhaps that will have to be another post. For today, the presence of this male cardinal gives me hope. Look how he is perching on the antlers of the fake deer statue … making his own natural art statement!

Take a moment or two out of your busy day to enjoy some natural art … get one with nature and enjoy what is just waiting for you to behold!

Until next time with more Sweet Conclusions …


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