Take The First Step …

  The majority of my life my inner voice of determination has made me fight to get out of bed and reach for the unknown. There have been moments though that I have hesitated wondering what I should do in a certain situation. We all go through times like that. The what “if” …  and our mind works over time stressing unnecessarily.

Do you need to know what’s at the top of the stairs in order to take the first step?

I feel that committing to any forward motion is what counts. Don’t worry about what awaits at the end. Go ahead and take that leap of faith. Follow and pursue your dreams, however small or huge that first step is to make them happen.


It is Mother’s Day on Sunday. I recall all of the Mother’s Days and years that my heart hurt in wanting to have a child of my own, to love and care for, to make my life complete. I think of the beautiful souls that are waiting to be adopted and the long process that is involved. Many of us become mothers through our hearts not by natural childbirth. If I had not followed my dream I would not be a mother today!

I think of all of the mothers in heaven, of all of the love they have given throughout their lives.  I catch myself smiling in doing so. I miss so many loved ones but realize everyday how blessed I have been to have them in my life.

Don’t give up on whatever your dreams are!  Take the first step in making them happen!

Until next time and more Sweet Conclusions … have a good weekend!


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