What Would You Give Up ?

Had you been told to choose to go without one the five senses, which one would you give up? Would you choose to give up the chance of smelling freshly cut grass or the enticing waft of flowers in springtime, in preference to tasting the tang of an orange or the sweetness of your favorite, sugary delight? Would you rather see the world about you or would you rather hear the words of your friends and family instead? Or maybe you would take all the above and simply give up touch?

It isn’t easy is it, isn’t easy at all.

Smell, taste, sight, hearing and touch, these are the basic five senses. These five senses are credited to Aristotle, although I believe humanity is much more diverse and complex than just five simple senses. It is fair to say though that without just one of these basic five senses, our lives would be very different than they are today. Imagine a world of not being able to speak, not being able to eat, not being able to breath naturally. Wouldn’t that be terrible?

Those of you who have followed along with Sweet Conclusions, Time out with Gavin and Rosie, you will know all too well that Rosie neither eats nor drinks. Imagine preparing a meal for your child, wife, husband or friend. Imagine standing at the oven, being able to smell the waft of that fine food as it lifts in gentle swirls into the air and sweeps about the kitchen, knowing that you will never get to taste it. Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t it amazing that she can do all this and still smiles as she serves her guests? It fascinates me.

Of late, I have had problems with my throat. The doctors have told me not to speak. Now you would think that considering I am a writer, I would be happy to just sit and write without having to answer the phone or to chat with friends about all manner of subjects. In fact, I always thought it would be kind of nice. Not having to talk to others would mean more time to myself, time to sit and to contemplate the meaning of life, time to squander in front of my computer, time to work in peace and quiet.

The truth is; we don’t really know what we have until we have lost it. It is the simple things that make life so wonderful, not the big and complicated issues that we tend to create for ourselves, as if we don’t have enough to think about. To be able to see the wonders about us, to be able to hear the morning bird song, to be able to smell the coffee, to taste food and to touch the world about us, there is nothing quite like it.

Not having a voice at the moment caused me to think about the people in the world who live daily, without one of the basic five senses. Of course, we are masters of our own destinies and history has taught us that nothing is impossible!

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