Living In A Free World (part 7)

We are so lucky to be a part of life, so blessed and so fortunate to live in the free world. Together we can make it a better place to live in, together we can stand up with pride and love in our hearts, defy those who choose to oppress and to tyrannize.

We are better than them for we see the beauty of life, the magnificence of creation and the glory of our creator. 

Our Sweet Conclusions Book ~ Reflections Upon the Waters of Life~ and our greeting cards show the magnificence of creation in photo and verse …

Hug a loved one and let them know you really care. Hugs are like smiles: the more you give; the more to get!

This photo and caption made me laugh.

I would like to leave you though with this video I found on Facebook. I think it sums up everything I have written here the past weeks. One good deed deserves another, it’s a chain reaction. Watch as each act of kindness is passed from individual to individual. Imagine a world just like this.

Here’s to today. This is our day and only we can choose if it is to be a good or a bad one. Let’s make it the best ever!

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    1. Gavin and Rosie

      Thank you, Hailey. It really touched my heart. Imagine a world where people go out of their ways to help others. Wouldn’t that be wonderful:)

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