Living In The Free World (part 6)

Continuation of Living in the Free World

To begin with it was friends here in Sweden and family back home in England who became friends with me on Facebook, but as time passed, as my Facebook Fan Club was launched, as my books began to sell, I began to find more and more asking to be friends with me. I thought that was wonderful, I love people, love learning about their lives and the countries they live in.

I don’t really have as much time on my hands nowadays though and for the most part, I quite simply brows every now and then. Sometimes I see the most amazing photos though, astonishing stories and statements.

I think Facebook is like life really, a startlingly colorful mix of everything, all mixed up into one electrifying world. There are good things and there are bad things happening, photos of wonderful places and frightful situations, statements that cause you to laugh and to contemplate the destinies and the misfortunes of the less fortunate.

Social networks can help us feel closer to our loved ones and better  connected to people who are far in distant lands. They can take us away; offer us a temporary reprieve from our problems within the real world.

I have found some absolutely wonderful photos and videos on Facebook that I would like to share with you.

Isn’t that the truth? There is no medicine greater than that of laughter, spending time with friends and quite simply, enjoying life. It’s far too short to hold a grudge, far too wonderful to give up on and far too amazing not to appreciate!

Just one more segment to come in this series

Back in just three days


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