Living In The Free World (part 4)

Musically, I have never been such a huge fan of Michael Jackson, although Michael Jackson, the man, the myth, wow. This man was a musical genius and even if it was never my kind of music, I will always appreciate his talents and his contributions to the music industry. A song isn’t all about music though, at least, not for me. It’s about the text, the words that tell a story. There were many rumors surrounding this man during his lifetime. I don’t actually believe they were true, but proving or disproving his innocence is not what I am writing about today.

Just take the text to one of his songs. ‘Heal the World’ was released on November 28th 1992. The song made it to number two in the UK charts in December of the same year and was second to Whitney Houston’s, I Will Always Love You. Heal The World is about life issue’s and world issue’s, the song is telling people what is going on with the world and how it can be fixed. The single is featured on his ‘History greatest hits’ album and was performed on Michael’s ‘Dangerous World Tour’, and his ‘History World Tour’.

At Michael’s memorial service in 2009 a large choir led by, Judith Hill performed Michael’s ‘We are the World’ and Heal the World the same way in which Michael had rehearsed it just days before. R&B singer, Ciara performed Heal the World at the BET awards in 2009 as a tribute to Michael.

The following text is from Michael Jackson’s Heal the World.

Heal the world
make it a better place
for you and for me
and the entire human race
there are people dying
if you care enough
for the living
make a better place
for you and for me

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